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Multi Sensory Instruction in Neptune NJ
The Total Learning Center is a unique facility that offers remedial programs for children and adults with dyslexia, attention deficit disorder and other learning disabilities. We specialize in the areas of reading, spelling, and written language. We’re the perfect fit for individuals looking for a dyslexia tutor in Monmouth County that offers a one-of-a-kind learning experience.

We are a specialized learning center for students with average to above average intelligence who continue to struggle in school when using traditional remediation. After prospective students have taken a dyslexia evaluation at our Neptune NJ center, we assess their needs to determine if they are a candidate for the Wilson Curriculum, which entails multi-sensory instruction as well as hands-on learning.

There is a school store and the students work diligently during class to earn points that they can use to purchase items from the store.

Dedicated Dyslexia Tutors for Neptune NJ Learners

All staff members are highly trained and certified in the Wilson Reading Curriculum and the staff meets regularly to assess the student’s progress and update parents after each step in the curriculum has been completed.

In order to advance to the next step in the program the student has to achieve 95% accuracy decoding real and nonsense words and spelling with 85% accuracy. The students are also expected to demonstrate application of spelling rules through a writing sample that they write and edit independently.

This center communicates on a weekly basis with support teachers from the schools and provides updates on the student’s progress. Often a replacement spelling list is provided, so the students have an opportunity to apply spelling rules and concepts learned during class.

The Total Learning Center also assists parents in accommodations needed in the classroom during the remedial process. These accommodations may be included in a 504 Plan or may be included in the I.E.P. (Individual Educational Plan).
To get started with a dyslexia evaluation, or to speak to us about our programs, contact the Total Learning Center online or call us at (732) 922-6655. We look forward to assisting you!

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