Wall of Fame

Here at the Total Learning Center, we’re committed to helping adults and children with learning disabilities through comprehensive programs. We like to showcase some of the students who work hard and stand out because it helps show others that there are dyslexia success stories out there that they can work towards. We want to give others hope who may not think there’s a specialized learning center with the resources and dedicated staff required to help improve the lives of people with dyslexia and other learning disabilities.

Dyslexia Tutors That Make a Difference in NJ

The dyslexia success stories found on this page help reinforce the goals of the Total Learning Center, which includes building custom programs for students who struggle with learning disabilities. The dyslexia tutors at our NJ-based center take the time to understand each student’s situation and then work to meet the goals laid out for them. This allows us to develop a program that works for the student in conjunction with what is going on at his or her school as well. Each tutor is highly trained and certified in the Wilson Curriculum.

These Wall of Fame members are proof that help is out there for children and adults who are struggling with attention deficit disorder or dyslexia. The team at the Total Learning Center is here to help improve the learning capabilities of you and your child.

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