The Total Learning Center Reviews

Reviews from parents

From Parents:

Dear Marge,

Thank you so much for all that everyone has done for Paige. We are so appreciative of everything that she has learned. She is a reader!  It was hard to imagine all those years ago that we would finally be here and now she is done!  What you have taught her  is the most important skills for any kind of learning she will need in her life. She has a strong foundation and confidence. With that she will be able to achieve anything. Best wishes to you always. Keep doing the great work you do and changing lives.

Most Sincerely,

Stephanie, Jay and Paige P


Dear Mrs. Weiner

Thank you for all the years of working with Robert teaching him  the Wilson program . It was a long journey but with your dedication it was a success for Robert! We are forever grateful for you. You truly made a difference in Robert’s life.

With sincere appreciation,

Robert and Suzanne F



Just a short note but heartfelt “thank you “ for the care and consideration you have shown Tess during her three years with you at The Total Learning Center. She has grown in all areas of study , but most importantly in her commitment , creativity, and curiosity as a student. I thank you for your leadership role in mapping the route for her success!

With appreciation and admiration!

Stephanie and Tess B


Mark and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for all that you have done for Christian. You are a wonderful teacher who has profoundly influenced Christian, making it possible for him to believe in himself. His time with you at The Total Learning Center has been an amazing transformation and will be forever thankful to you. Marge, you will always hold a special place in our hearts.

All the best,

Laura and Mark R

From Our Students:

Thank you for all that you have done. You have helped me through all of the tough times I had in school. Ever since first grade I have been with you and I can’t thank you enough. I will never forget all the rules that you have taught me through the program. I will always miss coming to The Total Learning. I will always remember you and what you have done for me. All I can say now is thank you Marge. I have waited for this day for a while , thank you.




Dear Ms. Marge,

Thank you for teaching me spelling. My spelling has improved a lot over the past three years. You have been a great teacher. I am really going to miss you teaching me. Thank you for all your help in reading and spelling,



Dyslexia success stories

From Students Who Graduated All 12 Steps in the Wilson Curriculum :

I think using the Wilson program has improved me in school by using higher level words. I have a lot less spelling mistakes. Now since I have been using the program for so many years, I can write a sentence without any mistakes or weak grammar. My grammar has improved a lot too. Of course Reading and ELA have become the most easy, but math has also gotten easier with long word problems. Science is also easier when I have to read the text book. Over all The Wilson program is very helpful and I would suggest it to anyone thinking of using it.


Paige, May 23,2017

Grade 6


The Total Learning Center has definitely helped me both in school and personally. Subject like English were not easy years ago. How it helped me personally was because now when I am at home I can easily pick up a book and read it. I remember being the only one in my class who could not read and now thanks to The Wilson Program I am able to. I am so happy I did not stop this program at Step 6. iff I did I wouldn’t be where I am today. My grades have improved tremendously. Now because of Marge and The Wilson Program I feel confident in myself. I realize when I pick up a book I can do this. I had never had that feeling before.l All I can say is that the program has helped me a lot and all I can give is a big thanks. Thank You!



Christian R, May 23,2017

Grade 7


By using the Wilson program I have improved in school because when I first started out in second grade I was the worst at grammar. The Wilson program helped me so much in ELA. It has made everything clearer. It also taught me how to be patient. They reviewed everything in grammar from the alphabet to silent letters. This program has also improved my spelling. This program has been such a help.Now everything in school comes with ease.


Robert F., May 23,2017

Grade 7


At the Total Learning Center serving Neptune, our educators believe that there is hope for every student who walks through our doors. We’re honored to be trusted with the task of helping a student get back on track and unlock their full potential. More importantly, we’re able to identify that potential and help each student recognize it, too.

Our passion is evident from the first encounter with us. We’ve dedicated our careers to multi-sensory teaching, and our unique and tailored approach for every student has resulted in classes that have seen many dyslexia success stories around the greater Neptune area! We understand that your child is frustrated, and you might be, too. Let us help ease the burden with an educational methodology proven to assist struggling students.

Help Your Child Be the Next Success

Our educational materials carefully follow the Wilson Program, a tried-and-true curriculum dedicated to measurable success for every student. It offers learners the careful attention they need in order to truly master reading, whether they require individual attention or can thrive in a group setting. From the beginning of the program, when they are tested by facility director Marge Weiner, we are dedicated to getting your student up to speed with their education.

If your child is struggling in school and you or a teacher suspect it may be related to dyslexia, contact the Total Learning Center so we can set up a dyslexia evaluation right away. Let us help your student succeed!