Dyslexia Testing

If you’re looking for dyslexia help in Monmouth County, look no further. At The Total Learning Center, our mission is to treat dyslexia in learners of all ages. To properly identify cases, we employ the following methods in our testing:

  1. The alphabet: Based on the Alphabetic Phonics Pre-test
    1. The student is tested on his ability to recite and write the alphabet, name the letters in random order: ab_, gh_, pq_
    2. Alphabetize words using the first, second and third letters
    3. Look up words in the dictionary
  2. Sound Dictation: Sounds are dictated to the student and they are asked to write the corresponding letters associated with the sound.
  3. Wade Assessment (The Wilson Achievement in Decoding and Encoding): This test is a form of dyslexia assessment used to determine if they are a candidate for the Wilson Curriculum.
    1. Sounds
    2. Decoding real and nonsense words in isolation
    3. Spelling of phonetically based words
    4. Dictation of sentences( student is judged for capitalization, punctuation, spelling and editing skills)
    5. Reading and spelling sight words.
  4. Spadafore Reading Inventory: Tests: Word recognition, silent, and oral reading comprehension and decoding and listening comprehension.
  5. A Writing Sample is used to determine the student’s ability to spell, use the proper sentence structure, the basic components of a paragraph and editing skills.

Based on the testing it is determined if the student is a candidate for the Wilson Reading Program or further testing may be warranted including auditory processing, a speech evaluation, or testing for Attention Deficits. To do this, don’t hesitate to contact the Total Learning Center online or by calling (732) 922-6655.

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