Organized School Binder

One of the best ways to help a child with dyslexia is to simplify things when it comes to school because organization can be a problem if there are too many options. An organized school binder is something that we encourage here at the Total Learning Center because it allows students to have everything they need in one place and limits the amount of disorganization that can occur.

Great Ways To Help a Disorganized Student

Our organized school binder system relies on one three-ring binder system with one folder for work that goes home and one that has to come back to school. It also includes room for essential school supplies, but it’s important to remember that “Less is Best.” This binder system encourages simplicity so that students don’t become distracted or disorganized.

Here are some important things to keep in mind when trying to help a disorganized student:

  • Setting up and sticking to a routine is a great way to help a student become more prepared for school and learning.
  • Set aside time to help your child or a student clean out their desk or workspace to avoid the distraction that clutter can provide.
  • Utilize organizational tools like a checklist or color coding to help students with dyslexia stay focused and understand what they need to get done each day.

The organized school binder is just one of the many tools we use to help students with learning disabilities. Contact The Total Learning Center today to find out how else we can help. You can give us a call at (732) 922-6655 to learn more.

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